About us

Company Profile

In 2004, Ain Al Fahd launched a clear vision and objectives that reflect its commitment to its customers to provide them with the best solutions and products in the world of communications and to become the leading company in Iraq to provide everything new in the world of mobile phones and services.
In a short period of time and as a result of the company's commitment to its customers and business partners, the company has opened branches covering all areas of Baghdad and its suburbs through a network of exhibitions and points of sale through which it provides the best services to its customers. In order to be able to cover a larger area of ​​Iraq, it has decided to expand beyond Baghdad through distinguished business partners with the same vision and objectives to develop the labor market and cope with rapid changes in communications technologies in general and mobile phones in particular.
The company is one of the leading local companies in providing innovative solutions and services for mobile phones and accessories and has a network of branches covering the city of Baghdad as well as a network of agents in all governorates of Iraq.
We believe that our success is tied to our commitment to the quality and originality of our products, so Ein Al Fahad has taken it upon ourselves to offer products from authentic sources to maintain the quality of the products offered to its customers.
In order to achieve all of the above, Ain Al Fahd has set its customer satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities and has developed a customer service and technical support center supervised by a group of engineers and technicians in the field of mobile phones and communications.
Ain Al Fahad aims to provide the best services to its customers. Therefore, all branches of Ain Al Fahad have full sales and technical consultants. Their mission is to provide consultation to customers in order to choose the best mobile communication solutions that suit their needs and requirements.
The professionalism and high professionalism of the administrative and technical staff make Ain Al Fahd the most suitable choice for its customers and for the international companies specialized in this field, which aspire to expand its spread in Iraq.

Company Vision

Technology for the well-being of human beings. This is what we believe in and strive to achieve for our customers. We seek to be always in the lead not only in the State of Iraq but also in the Middle East. We will always work hard to find and provide the best phones and smart phones and accessories.
The goals of the company

We aim to stay ahead in the world of mobile phones and our contribution to providing technology is a step towards enhancing the lives of our customers and enriching their experience.
Quality Policy in Ain Al Fahad Company

Our customers are our partners. Our success stems from our customers' satisfaction with our products, technical support services and after sales service policy.
1) Ain Al Fahd is committed to providing the highest quality products in its products.
2) Ain Al Fahad is committed to providing the latest versions of smart phones and accessories at prices that suit their customers from all segments.
3) Ain Al Fahad is committed to attracting highly qualified and skilled employees in the world of communications and is constantly promoting and developing their technical and technical knowledge.
4) Ain Al Fahd is committed to maintaining the best strategic relations with telecommunication service providers in Iraq and providing them at competitive prices.