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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Stainless Steel Balck


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  • -Perfect design with simplicity
  • -Cool mate for Daily Life
  • Insightful healthy life


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  • Widen your space

    Watch Body

    Track your workout on your wrist

    Running Coach

    Heart rate tracking for peace of mind

    Heart rate tracking

    Keeps up where you go

    Water Resistant

    A stainless black Galaxy Watch Active2 with black leather strap that hangs over the words 'Watch Active 2' in large font below.

    Stay connected with a lifestyle and health partner on your wrist that gives you advice in the moment. Get more precise information on your health on a bigger screen with a watch that has your wellness in mind. Galaxy Watch Active2 tells you what you need to know when you need it.


    Custom comfort on your wrist

    Choose your look and your comfort for a wellness partner you’ll want to keep on 24/7.
    Galaxy Watch Active2 comes customized from day one, starting with your choice of Bluetooth or LTE
    model, 44mm or 40mm, stainless steel or lightweight aluminum design, and straps galore.1

    Four Galaxy Watch active2 models side by side in a range of colors and materials: gold watch case with brown leather strap, black watch case with aqua black sport band, gold watch case with pink leather strap, and Cloud silver watch case with cloud silver sport band.

    Widen your space

    Maximize your screen space with an uninterrupted view on a sleek body fitted with a touch bezel for quick control.
    Galaxy Watch Active2 features an enlarged display with a pure black screen and a border
    that’s hardly there for more space to get the insight you need.

    Geometric patterns and multicolored textile patterns scanned to create a similar pattern on the Galaxy Watch Active2 watch face.

    Get the look
    that matches
    your look

    Snap your outfit and
    grab your look

    Express yourself with a watch face that fits your look and mood. When you snap a picture of your outfit for the day Galaxy Watch Active2 will put together a watch face to match.

    • * Multi-colored straps sold separately.
    • * QR Code is a trademark of Denso Wave Inc.
    Five Galaxy Watch active2 watches with Green sport band, Orange leather strap, Violet sport band, Pink leather strap, and Aqua black sport band along with various watch faces that allow a variety of combinations are combined together into a single group.

    A watch to make your own

    Mix and match for a watch design that fits your look. Choose from the wide selection of straps and put together
    your own custom Galaxy Watch Active2.


    Track your
    workout on
    your wrist

    Galaxy Watch Active2 tracks your movements so you can just slip it on and get working out. With swimming added to automatic tracking you now get seven exercises, while manual tracking works for all activities for dozens you can track. Running coach function gives you actionable advice in real time. 56

    • Walking

    • Running

    • Cycling

    • Rowing

    • Elliptical

    • Others

    • Swimming

    A woman in a training suit on a run with a black Galaxy Watch Active2 on her wrist, while automatic tracking displayed on the watch GUI shows her calories used, running time, and number of activities.

    Health support
    from the inside

    Be sound in body and mind with a watch that cares for both. Use the stress tracker to watch your stress levels when you’re feeling tense, and follow the suggested guided breathing exercises to get some peace of mind. 578

    A woman practicing yoga with hands together and a Galaxy Watch active2 in Pink Gold on her wrist that displays breathing exercises on the watch GUI, after which a separate person is shown sleeping with a Galaxy Watch active2 on the wrist that tracks sleeping patterns and compares them to others in the same age bracket as displayed on the watch GUI.
    Flashing green sensors on a Galaxy Watch Active2 that measure the heart rate.

    Heart rate
    for peace
    of mind

    Monitoring your health is at the core of Galaxy Watch Active2 with a full eight photodiodes on the rear side of a new curved design that moulds to your wrist. Health monitoring keeps an eye on your heart rate and sends you an alert when it goes above or below normal levels.59

    galaxy watch active2 watch facesgalaxy watch active2 watch faces

    Give your life an assist

    Get a jump on life with a smart assistant on your wrist. Control your camera to enrich the shooting experience, view and like on social media, and translate on the go. Newly added On-going Icon displays running apps on the watch face for easy access, and you can even catch incoming calls with Wi-Fi. 10111213


    More to
    move you

    Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition

    Two Under Armour edition Galaxy Watch active2 watches with Under Armour black and grey straps hang in the air with the Map My Run app logo and Real time Form Coaching GUI on the watch face, while a woman in the background goes for a run with an Under Armour edition Galaxy Watch active2 with gray strap on her wrist.

    Enhance the fitness experience with the exclusive Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition. 6 months’ MapMyRun MVP service and limited UA watch face get you off on the right foot. Form and fitness coaching gives you real-time feedback based on cadence data and more.

    • * Availability of the Under Armour Edition may vary by country and carrier.
    • * Real-time Form Coaching function only available for Under Armour Edition.

    that lasts
    the day

    A Galaxy Watch active2 watch in cloud silver charging on a coin-shaped wireless charger directly below it that has the same circumference as the watch face.

    Take your Galaxy Watch Active2 out for the day with a battery that lasts the day and more with normal use. Back home, just lay it on the compact magnetic wireless charger to bring it back to full, no charging jacks or wires required.1415

    Keeps up
    you go

    Take your watch along on the road less traveled. Galaxy Watch Active2 goes where you go with an IP68 and 5ATM water and dust rating plus military grade durability to handle a range of conditions, so you can keep it on to go farther and experience more. 1617

    Two Galaxy Watch active2 watches in cloud silver and pink gold interact with splashing water to demonstrate their water resistance.

    Apps to push you further

    Bring enhancement to your life with apps ranging from the Galaxy lineup to a large variety of downloadable 3rd party apps.
    Download apps to create your own personal lineup for smart advice on the fly that you can pull up without leaving your wrist.18

    • The Strava app running on a Galaxy Watch Active2. Watchface displays the G U I for the selected app
    A carousel of apps in use on a Galaxy Watch Active2: Golf Navi Pro, Swim.com, U A Endomondo, Spotify, Strava, U A My Fitness Pal, Smart Caddie, C25K, and Maison Kitsune.


    1. 1. Availability of models may vary by country and carrier.
    2. 2. Available strap models may vary by country.
    3. 3. Image simulated for illustrative purpose.
    4. 4. My Style works with android smartphones paired with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. QR code watch face and strap matching works with smartphones paired with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.
    5. 5. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only.
    6. 6. Fitness tracking on the watch can be used as standalone, but data stored in the watch may only be partially displayed after a certain period of time. Smartphone pairing is recommended in order to keep all data stored.
    7. 7. Stress feature available in all countries except Angola, Cyprus, Algeria, Canada, and Thailand.
    8. 8. Sleep / stress management function on the watch can be used as standalone, but data stored in the watch may only be partially displayed after a certain period of time. Smartphone pairing is recommended in order to keep all data stored.
    9. 9. HR monitoring function on the watch can be used as standalone, but data stored in the watch may only be partially displayed after a certain period of time. Smartphone pairing is recommended in order to keep all data stored.
    10. 10. Camera Controller function is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Note10, Note10+, Note10 5G, Note10+ 5G, Fold and Fold 5G models.
    11. 11. Apps available for usage may vary depending on country, region, and connection type (LTE / Bluetooth).
    12. 12. UI is subject to change.
    13. 13. SNS Viewer, Translator and camera controller app require separate download before use.
    14. 14. Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and many other factors.
    15. 15. As assessed by Samsung. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors.
    16. 16. Galaxy Watch Active2 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010. It is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities. If the device or your hands are wet, they must be dried thoroughly prior to handling.
    17. 17. US Military Standard Compliant (MIL-STD-810G)
    18. 18. Availability of apps for Galaxy Watch Active2 may differ by carrier or country.
    • 1.4″ (34.5mm)Size (Main Display)
    • Bluetooth v5.0Bluetooth Version
    • NFCNFC
    • ‎4‎ROM Size (GB)
    • 1.15GHzCPU Speed
    • Super AMOLEDTechnology (Main Display)

340 mAh

Operating System



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Manufacturer part number